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 Mail Order

I'm using these images as they show what can be done while I wait to receive more from other clients.

My Grandson who lives in Spain asked me to make a gown for his girlfriend from these photos and measurements that can only be described as very basic.  A believable bust measurement, waist the size of a tea plate and "About Mum's height".

The results and original photos that  I received are below.

Only photo of the Gown​

At first all I could see was his reflection but with help I got to this!

The Girlfriend

He sent this when asked for.

Scroll down to see the result! 

What our customers are saying

My niece had brought me some silk back from Hong Kong so I went looking for someone to make me some items. Cathy was the only dressmaker who responded and was happy to make 3 items in the end without seeing me. She was happy to work with the measurements myself & husband came up with! It is jade green silk and I had chosen a red lining. A pencil skirt was first made and that was fabulous, then a pair of capri pants and a T shirt/vest top. I couldn't be more pleased with the way they all turned out, the price was very reasonable too.

If I ever need something else made I wouldn't hesitate in contacting Cathy again and recommend her very highly. Thank you Cathy

Quote from Jane Barton, awaiting photos

This is the Result

This is the result.  She prefered it without the plackette and to wear the straps loose.  The waist could be bigger but she's very happy with the look and fit so I haven't changed anything.

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